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Brain Development Study

Depression is the leading cause of disability and frequently begins in adolescence. In this research study, we are recruiting 13-17 year-olds to study the effects of depression and childhood traumatic experiences. We will perform MRI scans (no radiation is involved) to carefully study the brain networks and understand adolescent brain developmental changes. A better understanding of these changes will help us to develop better treatments. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS RESEARCH STUDY

Eating Patterns Study

Adolescent development is associated with significant behavioral, social and biological changes that can lead to risk for developing obesity and persistence into adult life. We are examining social and biological stress in 13-17 year-old African-American (Black) and White females. Additionally, we are studying eating patterns and activity levels in the home environment and in a controlled lab setting as well as body composition (muscle and fat content) and hormones that are involved in appetite and metabolism. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS RESEARCH STUDY

Life Skills Study

Adolescents face many challenges as they begin to gain autonomy from parents and prepare for adult roles in society. Our team has developed a family intervention that specifically helps AA youth to develop life skills focusing on future orientation and in overcoming “road blocks” in the service of positive goals. This is a 6-week, parent and child program shown to deter risky behaviors and achieve long-term positive outcomes. Using MRI scans (no radiation involved), we are trying to identify brain circuits involved in such positive outcomes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS RESEARCH STUDY